Road to Planner Peace

It’s a new year and yet I feel so unorganized. I feel so overwhelmed with all my to do’s for all my different planners. So for the next few months, I am on a mission to find planner peace (I think it exists)! I want a system that can help my life get back to be organized and provide some relief to the insanity that we all live in.

I want to share my journey both the struggles and the highlights with you so maybe it can spark some joy in your planner life (ah, see what I did there) and help motivate you to your own planner peace.

Are you interested in joining me? If so, that is amazing! Subscribe to our email list and we can find some time to chat. I would love to know where your starting place is and your end goal. Maybe we can do a joint post/ video together, how cool would that be.

Stay tuned during the month of February for updates via e-mail as well as YouTube videos.

Until then, take care!


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