Do you need to find planner peace?

Hey everyone it is Courtney! 
The entire month of December and January were a blur and I realized that I wasn't using my planner effectively. I needed to do some "soul searching" or rather planner searching to figure out how I want to use my planner or planners for.
Head on over to YouTube to check out my video of how I am starting this journey.
I started the year off which 5 planners and I just knew I couldn't maintain them all so that gave me the idea to do this video series.  There are probably a lot of you out there that feel the same. You spend and arm and leg on these gorgeous planners just to have them sit on a shelf, no thank you.
My first step was to to think about what aspects do I need to plan? I need to have a place to write down my home such as chores, bills, meals. Then I need a business (sparkplannerlife) planner to keep track of release details, collaborative sales, expenses. I also want focus on both my mental and physical health. And on top of it all, I  have a full time job so I need to have something to keep track of meeting notes, customer calls, etc.
Let's go over my current set up. What's working and what's not. I like that it is my one stop shop, but it is pretty bulky so it is hard to move around from room to room. I also don't look at my weekly to do's nearly enough and I tend to grab sticky notes instead. 
I started watching YouTube videos of all these amazing planner babes. I think that I would like to have a monthly, weekly and daily. This way I could actually be in the planner daily, which will help establish habit of looking at it. Next week I am going to share how and what I am using to fulfill those.
Until then, have you found planner peace? 

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